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No more high commissions but a flat rate to raise the growth capital needed!
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What will completing a funding round & staying transaction ready cost you?

Raise funds in a fraction of time. Stand out of the deal-flow crowd and catch investor attention easily. Become investable. 


120 / month*

*Price for discounted annual license, excluding VAT for Swedish clients.

Monthly license: not available

Quarterly license: €490 / €164 a month

Annual license: €1,440 / €120 a month

Create a professional and complete investment pitch, attract investors attention and stand out.

What you get:

  • Professional Company pitch
  • Built-in investment Memorandum
  • Complete Memorandum guide
  • Secure data room
  • Execute digital fundraising rounds
  • Invite 100+ investors
  • Newsroom with email pushes
  • Social Media integration
  • Investor interest & feedback function
  • Messaging
  • Help Center accessible 24/7
  • Fundraising Best Practice area


300 / month*

*Price for discounted annual license, excluding VAT for Swedish clients.

Monthly license: €700

Quarterly license: €1,490 / €497 a month

Annual license: €3,600 / €300 a month

Raise funds, engage your investors and grow your company exponentially towards successful exit.

Everything in Basic, plus:

  • Tracking of Investor activity
  • External Investor matching & visibility
  • Digital signatures & subscriptions
  • Plug-in 3rd parties to invite investors
  • Public Link activation
  • Easy final (e.g. share) allocation
  • Digital NDA signing
  • Granular Access Rights control
  • Audit logging
  • Expert Memorandum review
  • Fundraising Group Coaching sessions


Upon Request

Everything is possible!

Talk to us about your special requirements and get a fully customized solution fitting your needs.

Everything in Epic, plus:

  • Full Tool Customization
  • Set-up Support
  • Advanced API Integrations
  • Share Ledger Integration
  • Custom Development
  • Enhanced Data Analytics
  • Backoffice Management
  • Payment Management
  • Fundraising Process Management
  • Fundraising Content Management
  • Investor Sourcing
  • Legal Documentation Management
  • Additional Data Storage
  • Translations

…and much more!


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Special offer to early-stage Companies and start-ups founded by students

As we wish to provide value to companies from the early days, respecting their tight budgets, we provide customized offers to early-stage companies and start-ups founded by students. Speak with one of our Key Account Managers to find out more.


Multiple Consulting Packages

Get expert fundraising guidance and support

Lets us and our investor-readiness partners help you with your memorandum content and to run your fundraising camapign successfully. 

  • Investment readiness support
  • Exclusive investor prospecting & sourcing
  • Investment Memorandum content creation
  • Fundraising Campaign Consulting

Become investable and transaction ready 24/7.

Outrun competition for scarce capital and shift your attention back to business.
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