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Raise funds in a fraction of time. Stand out of the deal-flow crowd and catch investor attention easily. Become investable. 


Upon Request

Special offer to early-stage companies and start-ups founded by students

As we wish to provide value to companies from the early days, respecting their tight budgets, we provide customized offers to early-stage companies and start-ups founded by students. Speak with one of our Key Account Managers to find out more.


3,600 / year

12 month license applies

(Price for discounted annual license payment, excluding VAT for Swedish companies / clients)

Raise funds, engage your investors and grow your company exponentially towards successful exit.

Unlimited Admin Users

100 Unique Investor invites per year*

  • Company profile that converts investors Pitch and present your company in a professional and attractive format including a media grid to target multiple investor groups
  • Interactive Investment Memorandum Fill in the well-structured Investment Memorandum not missing a thing
  • Memorandum export and download Export and download the consolidated Investment Memorandum for offline sharing
  • Invite multiple investors to your Company profile Invite selected investors or existing shareholders, to your Company profile or to your open Funding round
  • Track investor invites open rates and “warmness” Manage your investor invites, seeing who accepted and who spent most time on your Company profile page
  • Investor matching & sourcing Make your Company profile visible to well-matched and suited external investors
  • Plug in Partners to send investors your way Connect with cherry-picked Partners in order to invite investors to your Company profile in an anonymous way
  • Collaborative News area Share updates, articles and news items with your investor community
  • Secure FileVault for all your documents Upload, edit and monitor your non-confidential & confidential documents
  • FileVault interaction monitoring Monitor the interaction with your documents for better investor qualification
  • Assign the appropriate access rights Limit content permissions by tailoring the access rights within your profile
  • Automated fundraising tool Raise growth capital by launching one or multiple funding rounds
  • Electronic legal documentation signing Allow interested investors to sign legal documents electronically and subscribe to your shares with ease
  • Easy Share allocation Allocated shares to the selected investors smoothly within seconds
  • Downloadable list of all transactions Extract the list of all confirmed transaction to update your Share register


Upon Request

(Prices vary depending on features desired)

Talk to us about your special requirements and get a fully customized solution fitting your needs.

On demand Admin Users

On demand Investor Invites

  • Full Tool Customization
  • Set-up Support
  • Advanced API Integrations
  • Share Ledger Integration
  • Custom Development
  • Enhanced Data Analytics
  • Backoffice Management
  • Payment Management
  • Fundraising Process Management
  • Fundraising Content Management
  • Investor Sourcing
  • Legal Documentation Management
  • Additional Data Storage
  • Translations

…and much more!

* Please note: During a Free trial every company can test up to two (2) investor invites. Also, extra invites can be purchased additionally to any subscription.

Become investable and transaction ready 24/7.

Outrun competition for scarce capital and shift your attention back to business.
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