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A System for hyper-efficient Fundraising
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The proven fundraising & investor relation method used to raise over €100 million

Fundraising is inherently analog, slow, resource draining, expensive and gawky…not to mention frustrating.

Solution for companies

Perfect your company pitch, source and invite more investors effortlessly and raise funds or exit with speed.

Do it by yourself, or team up with advisors.

Solution for investors

Streamline your dealflow and invest smarter, empower your portfolio companies and unlock your deal-making potential.

Alone, part of an investor group or as a VC rep.

We are in the midst of a seed fund-raising round and are moving over to the Pepicon platform for our campaign. The reason? It’s simple and intuitive and allows us to keep investors updated and informed. Highly recommended!

Armend G. Håti

CEO and Co-founder, ClexBio

Fundraising can be a tedious, opaque, and time-consuming activity. Pepicon helps to streamline and speed up the process while increasing transparency.

Hanna Raftell

CEO, Fimento

With Pepicon I receive all investment proposals in one unified format, allowing me to make quick decisions on which deals are worth my time and investment.

Andras Vajlok

Co-founder, Aldeon

How it works?

Select if you are a Company or an Investor to see the full process.

Become investable. Attract investors. Get funded.

1. Pitch your Company right

Present your Company in a professional and proven format, showing the right data to make a powerful pitch and attract countless investors.

2. Invite and track your investors

Invite 100+ selected investors from you network and extend your reach by allowing 3rd parties to invite investors for you. Constant tracking of “who is hot and who is not” by accessing Investor data analytics.

3. Open a funding round or probe investor interest

Raise funds by launching a funding round with pre-defined or indicative terms. The end-to-end fundraising tool means you enjoy an automated process, allowing investors to sign, subscribe and receive confirmations in the system.

4. Engage, collaborate, entertain

Build winning relationships with you shareholders and prospective investors by keeping them informed and engaged, while sourcing ideas, feedback and contacts from them.

5. Stay investable and transaction ready

Keep your Company page in Pepicon up to date and benefit from being able to entertain and seize any upcoming transaction opportunity 24/7, swiftly inviting prospective investors or buyers to view selected information.

Spot winning investment opportunities. Keep your companies investable and ready.

1. One format, one place for your deal-flow

Receive and review your deal-flow in one place, in a consistent, unified and professional format.  Benefit from efficient deal screening and vetting, saving you time and nerves.

2. Review FileVault for faster due diligence

Dig deeper and scrutinize all relevant confidential and non-confidential documents in the built-in FileVault, conducting a thorough due diligence before you invest.

3. Invest alone or as an Investment Group

Invest alone or as a group and keep everyone in sync.  Use digital tools to securely and efficiently handle your signatures, subscriptions, trades etc.

4. Monitor company progress & trade

Gain full insight and keep track of your investments and the progress made by your portfolio companies.

5. Engage in your portfolio companies

Keep your portfolio companies funding and exit-ready 24/7 and create ability to act on any transaction opportunity. Access their latest news, share your ideas and unlock your potential to add value.

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Why should you trust Pepicon?


Proven methodology & Tech

Concept and technology based on a trusted model that already helped Swedish entrepreneurs raise over 100M EUR in growth capital.

Data Security & Safety

Built ground-up with data safety in mind with data encryption, role-based access control mechanism and a detailed activity and access log record. Learn more. 

Endless Guides & Support

Guided onboarding process, 24/7 access to Help Center, a dedicated team and a range of templates ready for you.

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At Pepicon, we believe we are stronger together. We believe strategic partnerships with cherry-picked experts, synergies and affiliates will allow us to provide our clients with even greater value.