If you’re a founder of a private company, it’s hard enough to build it without chasing after investors for capital. Pepicon’s DealStation makes it easier to raise funds & exit faster.


You get side-tracked

It can suck up to 50% of your team’s time, energy & focus

You don't speak 'investor'

It can be scary as hell pitching to professional investors

You end up empty-handed

It can take 6-12 months to get a YES (or not get any money at all)

Without Fundraising & Exit software, private companies face a LONG. HARD. ROAD.

If you’re still relying on traditional fundraising methods:

You email your deck endlessly but never seem to get anywhere

You get turned down or ghosted for reasons you don’t understand

You burn through your warm contacts and become desperate

In fact, if you ask investors…

99% of companies are NOT investible

Some investors receive 5,000 proposals per year and business angels can get 100s. Still unfortunately, most founders:

DON’T give investors all the info they need to say ‘YES’
Leave fundraising TOO LATE to build a trusting relationship
Focus on 1 or 2 contacts and end up in a LOUSY negotiating position
FAIL to raise growth capital in time and end up going broke

We know a shortcut…

We are in the midst of a seed fund-raising round and are moving over to the Pepicon platform for our campaign. The reason? It’s simple and intuitive and allows us to keep investors updated and informed. Highly recommended!
Armend G. Håti

CEO and Co-founder, ClexBio

By presenting our offering in such a professional way, we believe we provoked the FOMO (fear of missing out) across the invited investors, as some of the investors who didn’t invest in the last two rounds decided to invest.
Dusyant Patel

CEO, Radio Innovation

Pepicon had the structure and guidance that I needed, to know what the investors want, as I knew our fundraise will take a lot of attention away from the business otherwise. Moreover, Pepicon made our offering less “pushy” while making it more exclusive-sounding to the invited investors.
Gustav Dellback

Founder & CEO, Dellback

DealStation can open a lot of doors, FAST

Get up to speed with a proven methodology that has raised 100M+ EUR in growth capital
Fast-track your fundraisingI'm an Investor - What is in it for me?

Go from 0 to investable with powerful Fundraising & Investment software for private companies

Save time & money with digitization

Digital platform provides the effective structure you need, without paying commissions

Raise with confidence

Professional guidance from end-to-end keeps you on track and investment-ready

Close deals with speed

Build and manage multiple investor relationships so you increase interest and FOMO

From pre-seed to EXIT, finding investors for your business is a continuous journey

DealStation gives you all the digital tools and expert guidance you need, no matter where you are right now…

Speak the language of every investor

Present your pitch in a more complete digital format, so that every investor has all the info they need to make a decision.

Get more than just a quick hook-up

Invite multiple investor prospects simultaneously, expand your investor network and track their interest, so you know who is more likely to invest.

Save time, money and hassle

Get back months of time and avoid paying commissions by digitizing the process of raising funds and managing investor relations.

Bring more investors along for the ride

Keep all investors engaged pre, during, and after fundraising, so that it assures investment readiness at all times.

Pepicon DealStation removes the guess work and all the manual work

Most private companies don’t have a dedicated fundraiser, so our Fundraising & Investment software gives you…

Built-in structure

so you know what info investors need

Investor analytics

so you know who is truly interested in investing with you

Standardized format

so that dealmaking is transparent for both you AND investors

Access a fast-track to growth capital

Join our membership packed with advice, know-how, technology and fundraising ability.
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Get the green light from investors FASTER

Start digitizing your fundraising early, BEFORE it becomes an emergency!

Stand out by looking more professional AND investable

Engage more investors to create competition and FOMO

Give investors every reason they need to say YES

Go from 0 to investable, in no time

With DealStation Membership you can unlock all you need to become investment ready.
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Why get on board with Pepicon DealStation?



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