Because we believe we are stronger together.

As we see tremendous value in strategic partnerships. As we value collaboration.
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Who do we partner with

At Pepicon, we believe strategic partnerships with experts will allow us to provide our clients with even greater value. We believe synergistic cooperation will enhance our technology. We believe selected resellers will help us spread the word and support more companies in getting the funds needed to thrive.


Resource Partners

Explore our legal, due diligence and other 3rd party experts being ready to support you.


Integration Partners

Check our integration partners and synergies making Pepicon a truly irresistible power-tool.


Reseller Partners

Become one of our key resellers, helping to spread the word about Pepicon within your network.


We work with cherry-picked and reputable resource partners who can provide our clients with complementary services as for example with tricky legal matters and documentation or with a sound financial due diligence report. Explore the list of our experts below.


We partner with selected technology providers to enhance our own technology and also work on 3rd party integrations, incorporating pepicon with other tools, apps and platforms out there. Explore our 3rd party integrations below


We partner with affiliates, small or big, who have access to the right network and who are interested in spreading the word about Pepicon, in exchange for an attractive compensation.

What kind of resellers do we collaborate with?

We work together with any individual or organization with the right network access. Our affiliates are spread across the following categories:

  1. Free agents
  2. Accelerators / Incubators
  3. Universities / Business Schools
  4. Entrepreneurial organizations / platforms
  5. Business Angel Networks
  6. Coworking spaces
  7. Legal and Co-founding firms
  8. Accounting & Consulting firms
  9. Business networks
  10. Companies with start-up desks
  11. Other
What are the benefits of becoming an Affiliate?

When becoming an Affiliate with Pepicon, you get a chance to provide your network with an end-to-end fundraising and investor management tool, filling in the need for better company presentation and investor attraction, while creating a new revenue stream for you or your business.

How can you become an Affiliate?

It’s simple. Fill in the Affiliate application form and we will be in touch with you shortly. After we agree your compensation model and you sign the affiliate agreement, we invite you to the affiliate-exclusive area providing you access to all materials, affiliate-specific links and commission overview.

Do Affiliates get discount codes for the Companies they target?

Only affiliates desiring a greater volume of licenses can request a discount. For example, if you are a University wanting to offer discounted licenses to your students, we would be happy to discuss a specific discount for such bulk license order.

What compensation model do we offer?

This depends. With a free agent or an accelerator we might agree on a 20% sales commission, while with a university we would engage in a bulk license order at a discount. The right compensation model strongly depends on the type of reseller, his network size and engagement in reselling activity. We always tailor and agree on a win-win compensation for each affiliate separately.

Partner with us!

Explore becoming an expert, synergy or an affiliate with Pepicon.
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