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Get to the highest possible value without scaring investors away, show your ambition of future revenue, sales and growth, while using relevant assumptions.

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Get a ballpark valuation for a Company based on your own required rate of return, understanding if a Company is worth your investment.

Visualize various scenarios with a unique Valuation Analysis

  • Simulate how the valuation changes if the assumptions change
  • Understand investors’ perspective and expected ROI easily
  • Find a reasonable valuation which resonates with investors

In just 5 mins, calculate a fair Valuation

And do a deeper sensitivity analysis of the Company's worth.
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How does our Valuation Analysis work?

Use our Wizard to plug in some initial values

Answer a few basic questions to set up the key valuation parameters
fundraising pitch

Get an indicative pre-money valuation

Get a ballpark valuation figure based on your own exit valuation or sales/revenue estimates

Run simulations and get a multidimensional view

Adjust the key assumptions e.g. the exit value, exit year or required rate of return to see how the valuation changes.

Get ready for deal negotiations

Generate professional valuation graphs to use in deal discussions and investment materials

Unlock unlimited simulations to calculate the best valuation

FREE as part of our EPIC subscription, or buy as stand-alone for €199 for 1 month usage
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