Here are some of the features and functionality you can benefit from:

Company Presentation and Pitch: A professional and proven format to give you the best possible chance of funding success. Present the right data in the right way. Win countless investors. Become investable. 

FileVault: Manage all relevant files in one place, allowing smooth data sharing and faster due diligence. Keep in control of the access rights and mainly track the engagement with your files. 

Investor Management: Invite 100+ investors and track “who is hot and who is not” by our unique qualification and warmness monitoring. Interact and stay connected to prospective investors, even if they are not ready to fund your business just yet. 

Fundraising: Benefit from a hassle-free end-to-end fundraising tool allowing you to open multiple funding rounds, offering shares or convertibles (or a custom financial instrument) to your investor audience, allowing interested investors to subscribe and sign legal documentation digitally. 

News: Build winning relationships with you shareholders and prospective investors over time.  Keep them informed, engaged and entertained, while sourcing ideas, feedback and contacts from them.