Currently, in order to start investing with Pepicon, there are two key ways to do so:

#1 Get invited by a Company – Await an email invitation from a company using Pepicon, create your own investor profile and directly access the company page you have been invited to.
#2 Get Invited by a Partner – Await your trusted partner (e.g. your bank) to share a pre-screened investment opportunity with you via Pepicon. First review the deal in an anonymous mode and only then you decide if you would like to access the full details and deanonymize your profile, save for later or reject the company.

We don’t (yet) allow investors to sign up and register first as their dashboard would be empty with no Company page to review and as there is no publicly accessible dealflow to be filtered through for investments. At the moment, it’s up to the company to select the investors to invite to their investment opportunity.