Pepicon is co-designed by investors for investors, addressing some of their key pain-points such as the currently cumbersome and time-demanding process of deal flow review, selection and consecutive investment.

With Pepicon, you, as an investor, can benefit from:

  • Monitoring of all your deals in one place, your Pepicon portfolio, in a consistent, unified and professional format saving you time and nerves
  • Effective deal screening and vetting, thanks to built-in red-flags and more
  • Faster due diligence, thanks to all deal-related documents being easily accessible in the DataVault, resulting in sound decision making and better investment opportunity selection
  • Speedy deal-making and agility to capture any opportunity thanks to our automated process of share issues supported by built-in KYC and numerous templates
  • Liquidity, by having your companies exit-ready 24/7 and by having access to each company’s marketplace where you can engage in share trade with other co-investors
  • Full insight into your investments, knowing your companies inside-out, setting up alerts on updates and progress achieved and accessing automatic compliance checks
  • Value maximization and co-creation by continuous dialog with other co-investors and the portfolio company
  • Investing alone or as an Investment Group, allowing all investment group members to see the investments that have been made, allowing them access to the Company profile automatically