For Companies looking to scale-up, fundraise, attract investors, trade sale, exit or progress towards an IPO. We support:

  • Early-stage start-ups: In need of presenting their company in a structured and appealing format, getting investors intrigued in their idea to validate potential and raise an initial round of funding.
  • Growth-oriented scale-ups: In need of raising significant funds to finance their growth and their product or geographic expansion.
  • Mature SME companies: In need of achieving a successful exit & looking for a way to better engage and manage their larger shareholder network and incentive scheme.

For Investors, Pepicon is a critical tool for those interested in smooth, consistent and clutter-less management of deal-flow and attractive investment opportunity spotting, saving them heaps of time usually spent on data decoding, email-ping-pong, due diligence and much more. We support:

  • Individual Investors / Business Angels: Pepicon supports individual investors and business angels in making fully informed and smarter investment decisions, creating a diversified portfolio and keeping track of the progress of the developments.
  • Investor (Angel) Groups: Pepicon supports Investor and Angel Groups in streamlining the currently inefficient co-investment process, allowing groups to cherry-pick and invest jointly with ease.
  • Venture Funds (VCs): Pepicon supports the Venture funds in processing the immense number of deals received within a fraction of time, shortlisting those for final fund allocation. Moreover, follow-up funding rounds will be smoother, with probing of co-investors made on the fly without draining resources from portfolio company operations.

For Partners, wanting to manage company and investor matching in an efficient manner allowing collaboration and post-investment monitoring. We support:

  • Free Agent: Pepicon helps individuals sourcing investors to well-suited deals and investment opportunities or vice-versa to run the process in an automated fashion.
  • Financial institution: Pepicon supports larger financial institutions as Banks, Asset management or financial Brokers in tapping into the SME-sized private placements deals with speed and ease.
  • Accelerator / Incubator: Pepicon supports start-up and scale-up accelerator and incubator organizations in the need of filtering through, selecting and matching preferred companies with their sponsors and partners.
  • Family Office: Pepicon supports Family offices in need of choosing the right kind of private equity investments for their HNWI clients and presenting them with such opportunities in a professional and standardized format.
  • Service Providers: Pepicon helps 3rd party service providers as legal expert firms or accounting businesses to expand their offering to their clients in need of funding.