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What will completing a funding round & staying transaction ready cost you?

Raise funds in a fraction of time. Stand out of the deal-flow crowd and catch investor attention easily. Become investable. 

300 / month

12 month license – Payable monthly or annually

Or request our special offer for Early-stage Companies below

(Price for discounted annual license payment, excluding VAT for Swedish companies / clients)

Investment Readiness

Create a complete investment pitch that stands out of the crowd, provokes FOMO and allows you to seize any transaction opportunity on the fly. Boost your liquidity and probe investor interest without selling nor committing.

  • Professional Company pitch that converts investors
  • Built-in investment Memorandum
  • Memorandum PDF export and download
  • Detailed Memorandum guide
  • Granular Access Right control

Fundraising Management

Expand investor reach, extend your network and qualify new investors, avoiding contacts getting cold. Enjoy a hassle-free, hyper-efficient and digital fundraising experience, saving you months of time and nerves.

  • Investor invitation & IRM system
  • Investor matching & activity tracking
  • Partner plug-in for greater investor outreach
  • External investor pitching
  • Digital Fundraising tool
  • Mutiple financial instruments
  • Secure data room for all documents
  • Legal document & NDA signing
  • Digital signatures & subscriptions
  • Easy share allocation

Stakeholder Empowerment

Engage, excite and update your stakeholder continuously, assuring readiness for next round, while leveraging investors’ expertise and network fully. Unlock rain-making powers, increase your valuation and stay funding and exit ready.

  • Collaborative News with automated notifications
  • Social Media channel integration
  • Investor interest and feedback gathering
  • Messaging for continuous communications

Fundraising Support

Let us help you every step of the way. Be guided by our built-in onboarding process, access our extensive Help Center 24/7 or connect with our dedicated Customer Success team ready to help.

  • 24/7 Help Center access 
  • Best Practice Guide with tips & tricks
  • Fundraising Group Coaching sessions
  • Investment Readiness Review of your Memorandum


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Special offer to early-stage Companies and start-ups founded by students

As we wish to provide value to companies from the early days, respecting their tight budgets, we provide customized offers to early-stage companies and start-ups founded by students. Speak with one of our Key Account Managers to find out more.


Multiple Consulting Packages

Get expert fundraising guidance and support

Lets us and our investor-readiness partners help you with your memorandum content and to run your fundraising camapign successfully. 

  • Investment readiness support
  • Exclusive investor prospecting & sourcing
  • Investment Memorandum content creation
  • Fundraising Campaign Consulting


Upon Request

(Prices vary depending on features desired)

Talk to us about your special requirements and get a fully customized solution fitting your needs.

On demand Admin Users

On demand Investor Invites

  • Full Tool Customization
  • Set-up Support
  • Advanced API Integrations
  • Share Ledger Integration
  • Custom Development
  • Enhanced Data Analytics
  • Backoffice Management
  • Payment Management
  • Fundraising Process Management
  • Fundraising Content Management
  • Investor Sourcing
  • Legal Documentation Management
  • Additional Data Storage
  • Translations

    …and much more!

    * Please note: During a Free trial every company can test up to two (2) investor invites. Also, extra invites can be purchased additionally to any subscription.

    Become investable and transaction ready 24/7.

    Outrun competition for scarce capital and shift your attention back to business.
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