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Your fast-track to growth capital

A membership packed with advice, know-how, technology and fundraising capacity.



5 / month*

Unlock all you need to become investment ready.

  • Free use of powerful digital fundraising technology 

  • Expert fundraising guidance, know-how and advice

  • Access to regular newsletters, videos and updates

  • Invite, source and manage Investors digitally

  • Learn everything about the DealStation tool




Raise funds semi-manually with the support of DealStation technology.

  • Do the “last mile” traditionally, e.g. by manual send outs and tracking
  • Use know-how and documents created in DealStation
  • Follow up on already warm investors inside and outside of DealStation
  • Use DealStation to qualify new investors when appropriate 
  • Use the features in the system you find valuable to support your process



1,490 / 3 months*

Fast-track raising capital with the market’s most powerful system, the DealStation Epic.

  • Invite investors to your fully-fledged investment proposal
  • Boost investor confidence and outreach
  • Manage up to 100 investors simultaneously
  • Gain control with investor matching, tracking and detailed analytics
  • Multiply investor contacts using the  built-in rainmaker feature
  • Use digital signing features for NDAs, subscription for shares etc.
  • Use inbuilt tools to run your fundraising campaign incl. automation
  • Set granular access rights

And much more…



€120 – €450 / hour

Too busy to fundraise? Or do you just need professional advice related to your fundraise or growth ambitions?

Our experts can help you no matter what. If you need just an hour to have a short tactical discussion, to get a second opinion on your valuation or to have your investment memorandum reviewed.

We are also here for you if you need more help to build a strong investment case or to manage your funding round. 

Please get in touch!

*Price excluding VAT for Swedish customers.

Become investable and transaction ready 24/7.

Outrun competition for scarce capital and shift your attention back to business.
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