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Pepicon is designed to provide a secure environment for companies to store their data as well as secure robust ways to share their data with their invited investors.

This is done with four different mechanisms:

  1. Secure Data Transfer
  2. Secure Data Storage
  3. Fine-grained Role-based Access Control
  4. Detailed Audit Logging
  1.     Secure Data Transfers to and from Pepicon

All data transfers between the Pepicon platform and the end user is encrypted using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), a standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a server and a client. SSL uses a combination of asymmetric and symmetric keys and how they work together to create an SSL-encrypted connection, making the connection virtually impossible to crack.

  1.     Secure Data Storage for Data at Rest

Data in the Pepicon system is always stored encrypted using one of the strongest block ciphers available, the 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES-256). This ensures that only authorized users are allowed access to the data.

  1.     Fine-grained Role-based Access Control

Pepicon is built from the ground up with fine-grained role-based access control. This means that individual information items in the memorandum can be access controlled in ways so that different roles can or cannot access specific information items. This gives the company administrator full control over what to share with whom in a controlled, secure and scalable manner.

  1.     Audit Logging

Pepicon logs all information access requests, whether it is to create, read, update, or delete information items. Pepicon logs what was accessed, when it was accessed, how it was accessed and by whom it was accessed. This audit logging functionality powerfully enables company administrators to track and trace who accessed what information when and how.

Of course, our Key Account Managers Robin and Christoffer would be happy to give you a demo and to show you the product. Simply drop an email to request a demo to: [email protected]

Pepicon was developed by a high-caliber team of serial entrepreneurs, business angels and other experts with vast experience and expertise in the financial industry, from investment banks, stock exchanges and stock brokerages. Meet the Pepicon team.

It is the company that pays the Pepicon subscription fee as the software is developed in a way to support the company throughout its journey, from inception until successful IPO or exit. With Pepicon, it is not about a one-off transaction. We guide and support every company during its development journey, bringing in an invaluable tool to track and monitor data, raise funds, track warmth of the prospective investors and continuously engage and entertain the shareholders.  With Pepicon, you make sure your company stays fundable and transaction ready 24/7. Check out our pricing.

For Companies looking to scale-up, fundraise, attract investors, trade sale, exit or progress towards an IPO. We support:

  • Early-stage start-ups: In need of presenting their company in a structured and appealing format, getting investors intrigued in their idea to validate potential and raise an initial round of funding.
  • Growth-oriented scale-ups: In need of raising significant funds to finance their growth and their product or geographic expansion.
  • Mature SME companies: In need of achieving a successful exit & looking for a way to better engage and manage their larger shareholder network and incentive scheme.

For Investors, Pepicon is a critical tool for those interested in smooth, consistent and clutter-less management of deal-flow and attractive investment opportunity spotting, saving them heaps of time usually spent on data decoding, email-ping-pong, due diligence and much more. We support:

  • Individual Investors / Business Angels: Pepicon supports individual investors and business angels in making fully informed and smarter investment decisions, creating a diversified portfolio and keeping track of the progress of the developments.
  • Investor (Angel) Groups: Pepicon supports Investor and Angel Groups in streamlining the currently inefficient co-investment process, allowing groups to cherry-pick and invest jointly with ease.
  • Venture Funds (VCs): Pepicon supports the Venture funds in processing the immense number of deals received within a fraction of time, shortlisting those for final fund allocation. Moreover, follow-up funding rounds will be smoother, with probing of co-investors made on the fly without draining resources from portfolio company operations.

For Partners, wanting to manage company and investor matching in an efficient manner allowing collaboration and post-investment monitoring. We support:

  • Free Agent: Pepicon helps individuals sourcing investors to well-suited deals and investment opportunities or vice-versa to run the process in an automated fashion.
  • Financial institution: Pepicon supports larger financial institutions as Banks, Asset management or financial Brokers in tapping into the SME-sized private placements deals with speed and ease.
  • Accelerator / Incubator: Pepicon supports start-up and scale-up accelerator and incubator organizations in the need of filtering through, selecting and matching preferred companies with their sponsors and partners.
  • Family Office: Pepicon supports Family offices in need of choosing the right kind of private equity investments for their HNWI clients and presenting them with such opportunities in a professional and standardized format.
  • Service Providers: Pepicon helps 3rd party service providers as legal expert firms or accounting businesses to expand their offering to their clients in need of funding.

Pepicon is a fundraising software based on a proven methodology that helped to raise over 100M EUR growth capital to Nordic entrepreneurs. Pepicon enables:

  • Companies to get the pitch right, increasing the odds of raising growth capital with speed and attract investors effortlessly, all while growing their company valuation.
  • Investors to streamline their deal-flow screening and vetting, eliminating the hassle and time needed to spot winning investment opportunities, while enabling them to take an active role in the companies they invested in.
  • Partners to effectively match the fund-seekers and investors from their network and conduct a sound due diligence, while preserving the confidentiality and anonymity of their investors.

Benefits & Subscriptions

Yes, you can use Pepicon to raise just a proportion of the total amount of funds you are raising. 

In case you are currently in the middle of raising growth capital or in case you for example already secured some investors through other ways, you can simply launch a funding round with Pepicon for the remainder of the total amount.

You can fill in all the relevant details in the Funding target section when launching a funding round and then clarify its only a proportion of total funds (possibly mentioning who and how many was raised already out of Pepicon) in the Investment Memorandum, in “The New Issue” section.

Log in to your Pepicon account here.

Pepicon does not help companies to find investors at the moment. Still, Pepicon makes it easy for you to leverage your own network, allowing you to invite numerous investors to your Company and your investment opportunity at the same time. Primarily, it’s up to you to find investors to invite and share your company information with. Additionally, Pepicon also includes functionality that allows others in your network to invite investors, anonymously or openly. If that is not sufficient, you can plug in and connect with a third party (a partner with a well established investor network) to invite investors your way.

Currently, you need to invite an individual or an organization to become your partner. In the near future, we will be adding multiple cherry-picked Experts (intermediaries between fund-seekers and investors), Match-makers and Investor sourcing companies allowing companies using Pepicon to directly request a collaboration and investor sourcing to their new share issues.

Log in to your Pepicon account here.

Even though we try to make our software as intuitive and user-friendly as possible, we still have your back by providing you with a vast amount of support including guides and video tutorials in our Help Centre, tackling the key set-up and feature-related questions. Also, our support team is always here ready to help with any additional set-up queries. Just drop us an email to [email protected].

Currently, we offer our software in the Swedish and English only. In the future we plan to translate Pepicon into other languages but before we do so, our Enterprise subscription offers translation as a service to those needing Pepicon in their own language sooner, or drop us an email to request your preferred language, so that we know which ones to prioritize.

No, Pepicon is not a crowdfunding software. It is an innovative software for private unlisted companies, who face the need to expand their shareholder base and attract more investors bringing in necessary funds, expertise and networks. Still, as we believe in the power of many, we would be happy to consult you and explore if crowdfunding would be sensible for you and your business. Get in touch with us for more information.

Check out our subscription options, all features and pricing here.

To get started you simply choose the preferred subscription, select the payment plan and method, pay and voila…you can immediately customize your Pepicon company page, uploading all relevant content and start inviting investors to review your company information or join the next funding round. Simply sign up for our 30-day Free Trial and start benefiting from Pepicon’s features immediately for free. No credit card needed.

Here are some of the features and functionality you can benefit from:

Company Presentation and Pitch: A professional and proven format to give you the best possible chance of funding success. Present the right data in the right way. Win countless investors. Become investable. 

FileVault: Manage all relevant files in one place, allowing smooth data sharing and faster due diligence. Keep in control of the access rights and mainly track the engagement with your files. 

Investor Management: Invite 100+ investors and track “who is hot and who is not” by our unique qualification and warmness monitoring. Interact and stay connected to prospective investors, even if they are not ready to fund your business just yet. 

Fundraising: Benefit from a hassle-free end-to-end fundraising tool allowing you to open multiple funding rounds, offering shares or convertibles (or a custom financial instrument) to your investor audience, allowing interested investors to subscribe and sign legal documentation digitally. 

News: Build winning relationships with you shareholders and prospective investors over time.  Keep them informed, engaged and entertained, while sourcing ideas, feedback and contacts from them. 

With Pepicon, you can achieve a lot and even elevate your company valuation. With Pepicon, you become iconic.

  • Boost your credibility and interest in your business with our professional and winning structure
  • Be 24/7 ready, capturing and seizing and equity-related opportunity as it arises
  • Raise funds hassle-free and access the growth capital needed in a fraction of time
  • Build strong stakeholder relationships, multiplying your success by leveraging the network effect 
  • Attract qualified investors, offering them liquidity and an active involvement
  • Boost you incentive programs, managing your in-house rewards and acquiring talent with ease 
  • Access 3rd party investor networks to pitch to and get recommended by reputable Partners

Payment & Billing

In order to change or cancel your subscription, go to your “Settings” in your company Dashboard, where you can directly indicate if you wish to cancel your subscription plan. When cancelling your subscription, your cancellation will become effective at the end of your current subscription period.

Please note: we do not refund nor return any subscription fees if you decide to cancel your subscription half way through. Read more details in our details Master Subscription Agreement (MSA).

Your invoices are always sent to your email address once you purchase your Pepicon subscription.

All our subscriptions are payable monthly or annually. Renewals of a subscription happen automatically, and you can always cancel your subscription at any time before it auto-renews.

Fundraising process

Pepicon can be used both to raise growth capital but also to do an exit/ sell the company, trade sales and for M&A deal discussions.

To use Pepicon for an exit, trade sale or an M&A deal discussion, you can go to “Fundraising” in the left navigation bar of your Dashboard, and when creating a “Funding round” you simply name the funding round adequately under “Round Name” as e.g. Trade Sale and then choose “Custom” under “Issue Instrument” under the “Funding target” section. 

Log in to your Pepicon account here.


Before you start the fundraising process, you need to fill in the funding round target (including the opening and end date), all information related to the funding round in your investment Memorandum. In addition, you should attach all relevant legal documents, as the Subscription Agreement and the Shareholders Agreement and clarify the Investor instructions after they subscribe.

Next, you are ready to launch your funding round. When the funding round officially opens, you will easily see the progress, monitoring the investors who subscribed (manually or electronically with a digital bankID) to your shares.

It is up to you to then review the list of all investors interested to subscribe to your shares and allocate the final number of shares to them.

With Pepicon you can currently choose to offer the following financial instruments: Shares, Convertibles or a Custom issue instrument (which can be used for M&A, Trade sale or similar deals).

You can simply go to Fundraising, in the left navigation bar of your Dashboard, and when creating or editing your funding round, you can name the funding round adequately under “Round Name”.

Then, under “Issue Instrument” you can choose if you wish to offer Shares, Convertibles or a Custom issue instrument.

You, the company, is in charge of identifying the reasonable size of the minimum and maximum total amount to fundraise, based on your product / service needs. You then indicate to the investors, what will be achieved if the minimum or maximum amount is reached to provide full transparency on how the funds will be used and what value will be created. Further, it’s your responsibility to check the maximum amount to fundraise with your local jurisdiction, assuring you stay compliant with your local rules and regulations.

You can not have more than (1) scheduled / open funding rounds at a time.

How many funding rounds you should have in total or how often should you raise money? This is up to you. We believe you know the best when is the right time for the next funding round to achieve the desired growth for your business. Just be careful, too many rounds might signal poor company planning and might be seen as unprofessional by the investors, and in addition, could annoy current shareholders.

Pepicon currently works as a ‘closed platform’, meaning you have to invite investors to your investment opportunity, by inviting them to your Company Page in Pepicon. It can be someone you invited to previous funding rounds, existing shareholders or company employees for example.

Whoever you invite is always able to invite fellow investors, directly when visiting your Company page. Still, you, the Company stays in full control and you need to review and approve such forwarded invitations in your Dashboard.

If you do not have a network of investors to invite just yet, we offer you to plug in any ‘Partners’, being 3rd parties of any kind (e.g. Investment broker, Family Office, Free Agent, Bank) who you allow sending investors your way. They can do so by inviting them to your Company Page openly or anonymously, protecting their identity. 

Currently, we are working on incorporating an Investor directory and matching into Pepicon, and soon hope to allow Companies to spot the right Investors to pitch to via Pepicon directly. Until that is live, feel free to drop us an email to [email protected] if you would like us to point you to the right direction in regards to investor-sourcing 3rd parties. We would be happy to help you.

Log in to your Pepicon account here.

Other features

Yes, we offer a customized Enterprise subscription tailored to your needs and a range of add-on services. Don’t be shy and feel free to request a call with us to discuss your special requirements with one of our Client Managers.

Read more about pricing here.

The News section allows you to educate, entertain and engage your shareholders and all prospective investors on a daily basis. Currently, your social media channels are directly connected and displayed here. In the near future, we will be enhancing the News with direct messaging, forum and other great features.

The Partner plug-in is another invaluable feature. With Pepicon you can connect any intermediary, a free agent sourcing investors to you or your investment bank, and allow them to send investors your way. Once you and the Partner connect, and agree to the terms of the compensation outside of Pepicon, the Partner can invite prospective investors to your Company page. Initially, the identity of the investors invited by Partners are protected and kept confidential. Only once the invited investor decides to review your full company page, she can deanonymize herself and make her profile and full credentials visible to you.

The FileVault is the space to share all confidential and non-confidential documents, supporting the due diligence process done by every investor considering subscribing for shares in your Company. You can add files to predefined categories or create your own. You can allocate each category or file with preferred access rights to control the data confidentiality to a selected group of investors or shareholders. You can also pin key files to the top, so that they are not missed and moreover, you can track the engagement of invited  investors with your documents, identifying more serious and engaged investors to approach.

The Memorandum is the go-to place for each investor wanting to learn in depth about your new share issue, business in depth, financials, the share and current cap table, key legal information, IPs and trademarks and much more. The memorandum is well-structured and easy to orientate in, allowing each investor to head to the section they want to review with priority (e.g. key financial ratios, the team or the funding to date) while offering them with an easy way to spot red-flags.

The Company profile gives every prospective investor the chance to get familiar with your Company. They can also read more about your business, seeing all important links (to your website, social media profiles etc.) and mainly access the Overview section. This section gives them a crisp summary of the key pieces of information each investor desires to know: Your industry, stage, business model, location, scope of operations and funding to date.

The Media Grid gives you the opportunity to highlight and prioritize pieces of content and information to draw the attention of your investor audience first. You can choose 1, 3 or 5 key-priority items, offering you up to 5 shots of driving the desired attention to the highlightable key messages. A pitch deck, an interview, latest press release or a demo video of your product. It is up to you to steer your company page visitors where you want them to and adapt the information to the situation you’re in – if fundraising, in process of engaging current shareholder relationships or maybe opening up your first trading event.


No, your profile information and information about your investments are kept fully confidential and visible only to the company whose invite you have accepted or invested in. The Pepicon admin team also adheres to a strict Data Privacy Policy ensuring your data is kept secure and confidential.

Log in to your Pepicon account here.

No, Pepicon is fully FREE for our investor community. Simply register and start reviewing your deal flow. You can also invite co-investors or invite companies to submit their investment proposals and company details through Pepicon.

If you need to be a qualified, professional or accredited investor depends on your local jurisdiction. Pepicon, as an Investor Relationship Management and Funding software, can’t provide guidance on all country-specific regulations. It is your responsibility, as highlighted in our Terms & Conditions, to check the laws and regulations applicable in your country to investing and what is the exact meaning of “qualified, professional or accredited investor” in order to assure your investment is compliant with your local jurisdiction.

Pepicon is co-designed by investors for investors, addressing some of their key pain-points such as the currently cumbersome and time-demanding process of deal flow review, selection and consecutive investment.

With Pepicon, you, as an investor, can benefit from:

  • Monitoring of all your deals in one place, your Pepicon portfolio, in a consistent, unified and professional format saving you time and nerves
  • Effective deal screening and vetting, thanks to built-in red-flags and more
  • Faster due diligence, thanks to all deal-related documents being easily accessible in the DataVault, resulting in sound decision making and better investment opportunity selection
  • Speedy deal-making and agility to capture any opportunity thanks to our automated process of share issues supported by built-in KYC and numerous templates
  • Liquidity, by having your companies exit-ready 24/7 and by having access to each company’s marketplace where you can engage in share trade with other co-investors
  • Full insight into your investments, knowing your companies inside-out, setting up alerts on updates and progress achieved and accessing automatic compliance checks
  • Value maximization and co-creation by continuous dialog with other co-investors and the portfolio company
  • Investing alone or as an Investment Group, allowing all investment group members to see the investments that have been made, allowing them access to the Company profile automatically

The investment process

Your payment goes directly to the Company you have decided to invest in. Pepicon is not handling nor holding any investor payments.

Log in to your Pepicon account here.

After successful share allocation, the Company will send all new shareholders the tailored contract note / invoice including all payment terms and details. Once the money reaches the bank account of the company, your shares will be officially registered in your name and you will receive a confirmation of your payment by the Company directly. Again, please check the specific post-investment terms defined by each Company you decide to invest in.

Log in to your Pepicon account here.

In case the max amount to be raised is reached and the round gets oversubscribed, it is up to the company to choose one of the following options:

  • Review all investors and the indicated min and max subscription amounts to select the investor for share allocation, rejecting the rest
  • Allocate the subscription to shares on a “first-come first-served” basis
  • Issue additional shares in a separate round to be launched separately

We recommend you always check the min total amount to be raised and the exact terms of the subscription before you subscribe. Normally, in case the minimum total amount indicated by the company is not reached, your subscription is not legally binding. The company can still decide to extend the funding round period or cancel the round (potentially reopening it later on).

Log in to your Pepicon account here.

Normally, once a funding round is open and you select the number of shares you are interested in, your subscription to the selected amount of shares is legally binding. Still, we recommend you check the defined terms of the specific Company Share Subscription.

The profiles of other investors are kept confidential. As an investor, you can not see who the other investors are. Depending on the jurisdiction of your specific country, where transparency of ownership is required in order to be compliant with the local law, the Company might need to update the publicly accessible share ledger. Furthermore, in the Memorandum section of the Company Page, under section called “The Share” you can see the current Cap Table or the Share History providing you more information on the current shareholders.

The Company determines the opening and closing date of each funding round, being communicated once a funding round is launched. In case the funding round is over-subscribed before the end-date, the Company can end the funding round sooner and move towards share allocation. In case the funding round is not fully funded at the predefined closing date, the Company can choose to extend the closing date to a later date.

Log in to your Pepicon account here.

The Company can predefine the minimum ticket size they will accept. You, as the Investor can then select the minimum and maximum investment amount you would like to invest when subscribing to shares, adhering to the predefined minimum ticket size. The Company is then in control of reviewing all share subscriptions and deciding on the final amount of shares to be allocated to you (being within the range you have provided).

Log in to your Pepicon account here.

It is up to the Company to decide if they require an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) to be signed by the Investors invited to view their full company information. If yes, you will be asked to read, review and virtually approve the acceptance of the terms of such NDA before you get access to the complete Company page.

As you might be aware, Private Equity investments is indeed thrilling but there is a fair level of risk associated with such investments. At Pepicon, we believe our software will make your decision-making and investment selection much easier. Pepicon allows you to eliminate companies with a dysfunctional business model, pointing out red-flags to you and highlight those with highest potential for ROI.

If you spot a fraudulent dodgy company, please send us an email to [email protected] in order to report a potential shady activity to us. We will take it from there.

Log in to your Pepicon account here.

Pepicon is not involved in company screening, quality control or due diligence of any of the companies nor investment opportunities presented to you. Pepicon is purely a software provider, not offering any investment advice to any of the investors on which company to invest in. It is up to each of the individual investors to assess the quality of each company, conduct a thorough due diligence and evaluate the risks associated with such investment.

Currently, in order to start investing with Pepicon, there are three key ways to do so:

#1 Sign up with Pepicon – Register your Pepicon profile and invite a Company to submit their investment proposal to you via Pepicon. 

#2 Get invited by a Company – Await an (email) invitation from a company using Pepicon, create your own investor profile and directly access the company page you have been invited to.

#2 Get Invited by a Partner – Await your trusted partner (e.g. your bank) to share a pre-screened investment opportunity with you via Pepicon. First review the deal in an anonymous mode and only then you decide if you would like to access the full details and deanonymize your profile, save for later or reject the company.


Pepicon is FREE for the partners. It is the company that needs to select one of our paid subscription packages before they can connect with you, the Partner, and have investors invited to their investment opportunity. Partners desiring more tailored solutions can request a quote with us.

Anonymization of investors means that Standard and Premium Partners are allowed to invite investors anonymously in order to keep their personal data confidential.

Each investor invited anonymously then is displayed to the Company under a Partner-specific code rather than under his/her own name (as done for usual investor invites). Moreover, such anonymously invited investor has:

  • Restricted option to Invest and subscribe to shares in a Company invited to
  • Restricted access to the complete FileVault
  • Restricted access to the memorandum sections requiring NDA signing

Log in to your Pepicon account here.

It is easy for Partners to invite investors. Once a Partner accepts the invite from a company and has created a Partner account, they will be ready to view the Company page. On the Company page all information will be available, allowing Partners to start inviting investors to that Company.

A Partner can simply click the “Invite investors”, fill in their name and email address, select if they want to invite them anonymously and press “Send”.

Each Partner is then able to monitor their invites.

Log in to your Pepicon account here.

As a Partner, you will benefit from using Pepicon if you are looking to:

  • Manage and connect the fund-seekers with you the investors from your network effortlessly
  • Review fund-seekers data in one unified, well-structured format assuring you find the information you need with speed
  • Conduct efficient due diligence of projects and business ideas before passing them on to your selected investors
  • Preserve the anonymity of your investor audience until they decide to deanonymize their profile and start considering a pre-qualified investment opportunity
  • Gain pre-agreed success fee/commission from successful investments made by you connecting the fund-seekers with the investors from your network

Log in to your Pepicon account here.

A Partner is anybody, an individual or an organization, managing both the Company (fund-seeker) and the Investor side. This can be a:

  • Free Agent: Pepicon helps individuals sourcing investors to well-suited deals and investment opportunities or vice-versa to run the process in an automated fashion.
  • Financial institution: Pepicon supports larger financial institutions as Banks, Asset management or financial Brokers in tapping into the SME-sized private placements deals with speed and ease.
  • Accelerator / Incubator: Pepicon supports start-up and scale-up accelerator and incubator organizations in the need of filtering through, selecting and matching preferred companies with their sponsors and partners.
  • Family Office: Pepicon supports Family offices in need of choosing the right kind of private equity investments for their HNWI clients and presenting them with such opportunities in a professional and standardized format.
  • Service Providers: Pepicon helps 3rd party service providers as legal expert firms or accounting businesses to expand their offering to their clients in need of funding.

Having other questions?

Fill in the contact form below or simply drop us an email to [email protected]