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One unified format to streamline deal flow screening and vetting for better decision making.

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Full insight into each investment proposal by structured pitch, detailed memorandum and a data room with extra files.

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Invest alone or in a team with a range of digital tools for e-signatures and subscriptions.

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Monitor progress easily, stay up to date and assure your portfolio companies are funding and exit ready 24/7.

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Media Grid Highlights

In the media grid you will see the highlighted information the companies don’t want you to miss. Here, you’ll typically find the pitch deck, news articles, scientific reports, the latest financial report, the team introduction or product demo videos, a specific section from the Company’s Memorandum or their latest news item from the News area.

Company Overview

Here you’ll find the company’s business summary as well as basic data such as the Industry, Stage, Business Model, Geographical scope and other key investment-related information. The Company overview serves as the primary check-point allowing you to spot quickly, if the company if in or out o scope for you. If it matches your investment criteria, you can simply read on and get the in-depth information presented to you in the Memorandum. 

The Memorandum

Passing initial screening, you can access a memorandum with pre-set headings forcing companies to present their information in a structured format. Headings include all standard items but also topics like valuation, due diligence etc. This allows you to easily navigate to the infromation that most interest you, may it be The Team or The Financials first. Also, you can easily see what information is fully missing (in red), what sections have been excluded and the reason for exclusion (in black) and which sections are confidential or require NDA signing (in blue).

The Filevault

To dig even further, the FileVault is an easy-to-use data room sufficient for most situations. Investors can browse through various fundraising, legal, marketing or finance documents uploaded by the company to complete the 360 degreen view and provide the investors with additional complementary documents. You can easily view and download any file to gather sufficient infromation to conclude your due diligence efforts.

Smart Investing

Once you are ready to make an investment, you can choose to invest alone or in a team. You can easily create numerous investment teams and swiftly invite co-investors, M&A candidates or buyers and smoothly handle upcoming share issues and equity incentives. The whole investment process is supported with a range of digital tools for e-signatures and subscriptions. 

The News

After the investmet is made, the investors don’t need to rely on updates and reports coming by emails. The Company Admin can not only update their Memorandum, and add reports directly to the FileVault, but they can keep their shareholders up to date through the News section. In this section the company can provide information and news flow from their social media channels, blog posts and news articles, in order to keep everyone in sync and up to date.

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Fundraising can be a tedious, opaque, and time-consuming activity. Pepicon helps to streamline and speed up the process while increasing transparency.

Hanna Raftell

CEO, Fimento

With Pepicon I receive all investment proposals in one unified format, allowing me to make quick decisions on which deals are worth my time and investment.

Andras Vajlok

Co-founder, Aldeon

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