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A superior way to raise funds and create shareholder value!

Outrun competition and avoid fundraising pitfalls with a system designed to make you win.

The fundraising reality


6-12 month of hustle

Fundraising is a draining process of 200+ hrs of calls and 880+ emails, which takes usually 6-12 months from start to finish.

50% of team’s focus

Fundraising requires at least 50% of the leadership team’s attention, shifting attention away from product / business development.

1 / 3 run out of cash

Fundraising is often unsuccessful due to poor readiness, poor investor qualification and as handshake deals are not always followed through.

With Pepicon you can


Save 3-9 months of time

Digitize the currently manual process of raising funds with our fundraising and  Investor Relations Management tool.


Reduce fundraising focus to 20%

Gain attention back for your business, being 24/7 ready and unlocking rainmaking powers.


Increase the odds of getting funded by 80%

Raise your company valuation and raise funds with speed with the right investors on your side.

From now to iconic

Increase your valuation. Improve the odds of getting funded. Become investable.
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Fuel your company’s growth ambitions!

Raise growth capital with the right investors on your side.

Create the perfect investor pitch

In the perfect pitch you highlight your strengths but you also need to know what is desired by investors for your pitch to be complete. The Pepicon Media Grid is designed so that your audience can’t miss your key messages. With the best practice Memorandum and its guide, you have the tool and format to provide investors with a professional and complete investment proposal. The FileVault allows you to store and provide access to additional and in-depth documents. Easy to reach, top class experts are connected to Pepicon in case you need additional advice or assistance.

Invite and attract more investors

Too few investors, too little attention and a hard time coordinating? Invite your network of prospective investors with just a few clicks. Using a digital tool like Pepicon means you can invite 10 times as many, set access rights, and still keep track of “who is hot and who is not”. Not enough? Extend your reach! In Pepicon there is a tool that makes it super easy for your contacts and 3rd party investor networks to source investors to your company. How you reward them is up to you. Moreover, there are many brokers and investment banks that would prefer and love to see your pitch in Pepicon, and consider assisting you.

Open a funding round or probe investor interest

A proven technology-backed methodology will help you carry out your desired transaction efficiently and streamlined.  Raise growth capital by launching a funding round with your pre-defined or indicative terms. Use the end-to-end fundraising tool for smooth investor subscription, legal document signing and then allocate shares in accordance with your prioritizations. Signatures, subscriptions, trades etc are stored and prudently verified by digital confirmations. Smoothly handle upcoming share issues and equity incentives.

Enthuse your stakeholders

Keep your investor and shareholder community informed and up to date in an interactive format. Enthuse and educate your network about your latest news, hire board members, source ideas or ask for referrals and recommendations to fellow investors. Connect with your investor audience and build winning relationships in order to co-create and co-grow your company in the future.

Unlock your dealmaking power

Using Pepicon you are unlocking your deal-making potential and leveraging your network. Having your company funding and exit-ready 24/7 equals liquidity, and ability for you to act on any transaction opportunity. It means you can probe investor interest long before you even start raising money and you create agility to seize upcoming opportunities on the fly. Swiftly invite prospective investors, M&A candidates or buyers to view selected information.

Perfect Investor Pitch

Raise your valuation and highlight your strengths by a winning Company pitch.

Attract Right Investors

Pitch to multiple investors at the same time, easily spotting who is truly interested.

Raise Funds with Speed

Raise growth capital and assure being fundable and transaction ready 24/7. 


Engage your Shareholders

Keep shareholders engaged, entertained and up-to-date at all times. 

What do our clients say?

What do Companies using Pepicon to raise funds, be 24/7 ready and engage their investors say?

We are in the midst of a seed fund-raising round and are moving over to the Pepicon platform for our campaign. The reason? It’s simple and intuitive and allows us to keep investors updated and informed. Highly recommended!

Armend G. Håti

CEO and Co-founder, ClexBio

We looked for a solution where we could present all relevant information to our investors in order to make professional and long-term investment decisions. A tool that could deliver the latest news and updates to all investors at the same time. Pepicon saves us time and money by having a “one-to-many” solution.

Ola Heffler

Chairman, Arild Links

Become investable!

Raise growth capital with the right investors on your side.
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