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Smooth pre and post-raise investor engagement and reporting
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Manage continuous investor engagement pre, during, and after fundraising easily with our Investor Reporting Software. By regular news and updates, all stakeholders are up to speed, excited, and ready to invest in the upcoming or future round. Leverage the built-in auto-notifications to keep all investors and shareholders close and aligned, allowing them to support your future growth by bringing their know-how, expertise, or network to you. 

Moreover, in Pepicon’s custom Investor Portal, share frequent quarterly or annual reports, make sure you communicate the progress made regularly, and stay ready for investments when there is time for the next fundraising campaign.

Tools to master Investor Engagement and Reporting

Enthuse, engage and excite all stakeholders for future investments at all times.

Engage and excite with News

Keep your existing shareholders and all prospective investors up to date and mainly excited about your company and the progress made. Plug in your Facebook and Twitter company accounts to auto-display posts and share regular news, auto-notifying all stakeholders and possible investors. By keeping all up to date you assure they are ready and excited to invest in the event of current or future funding rounds and can get further insights on your company growth.

Reporting in FileVault

Use your built-in data vault not only for key fundraising-related documentation but also for your quarterly and annual reports, so that all potential investors have access and are provided with relevant insights. Add documents or industry reports, so that they are not missed by investors you invite, display key file(s) in your investor Highlights and inform your contacts that there is a new report by creating a brief news post about it under the News.

Connect your digital share register

After you successfully raise your funds, complete the final allocation and close the round, you will be able to download all the round details for easy share register update. You can also consider managing your cap table through a digital share ledger being integrated into our tool.

Keep in touch through Messaging

Receive an indication of interest or a message from your contacts, easily nurturing your investors, shareholders, and others connected to your company profile. Communicate with each contact individually or send a “group” message to e.g. all who accepted your invite or all who subscribed to your round, so that your network is filled with satisfied investors.

Readiness for next round

By using Pepicon, you directly increase your valuation as you are always funding and exit ready. This means your e.g. shares are more liquid which equals value. Investor relations can be managed in an agile way, with minimal efforts, but by not cutting corners on the professional and structured way of investor relations management. Unlock true rainmaking powers, remaining fundable and ready to execute on any transaction, or allow your investors to trade shares. Make the most of Pepicon’s private equity fundraising software.

Why choose Pepicon’s Investor Reporting Software?

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Engage investors pre & post-investment

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