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Easy investor invitation, matching and tracking for better investor qualification.
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With Pepicon, you experience and benefit from an innovative investor matching platform. You can easily invite numerous potential investors simultaneously, via our platform directly or by generating unique invitation links. Also, you can enjoy multiple ways to gather feedback from investors on board and the indication of their interest in investing in your company. Investors or Partners can easily invite relevant contacts, as fellow investors, venture capitalists, or other angel investors from their own networks, keeping you informed and in control of who ended up seeing your investment proposal.

Moreover, with our sophisticated matching tool, entrepreneurs and startup businesses can easily spot the matching score with investors who accepted your invite or spot suitable external investors to pitch to, where you meet their investment preferences.

Investor Matching Platform Features

Prioritize investors with the greatest likelihood of investing easily and source external investors with speed.

Speedy Investor Contacting and Invitation

Invite investors directly via our tool using pre-written text templates that are easily customizable. If you prefer, you can also generate a unique invitation link to share with selected relevant investors by your own email, by LinkedIn message or by Whatsapp. You have all the flexibility.

Allow 3rd parties to invite investors

By using our Partner function you can plug in any Partner having an established investor network. This can be a free agent, a Corporate Finance firm, a Family Office or anybody having access to investors who are looking for relevant deal-flow. With Pepicon, you allow them to invite investors to your investment opportunity, keeping full visibility into who refers whom for success-fee commission payouts.

Investor Activity Tracking

Track investor interests spotting the most “warm” and interested investor to act on. You will be able to see not only who accepted your invitation (and which invitations are pending) but also how many times the investors viewed your company profile, how much time they spent reviewing your information or which documents from the FileVault did they download. All of this information allows you to identify who is serious about investing in your company, allowing you to nurture them with priority. Such tracking tools used by Pepicon’s investor tracking platform enable you to access critical investor information to make informed decisions.

Investor Feedback & Messaging

The investors invited to your company page can indicate their interest in investing in your company by providing their high-level feedback or by sending you a direct message. They can easily share if they are interested, maybe interested or not interested, and why. Via such feedback you can easily understand what they need to get convinced to become a shareholder. Further questions, meeting arrangements, or further investor nurturing can easily happen through our messaging system.

Investor Database and Matching

Once the investors fill in their investor profiles, you will also be able to see how well you match with them. This score gives you an indication of how well you fit with their investment preferences (e.g. industry, capital raise, stage etc.) allowing you to assess your chances in turning them into shareholders, identifying the right investors to focus on and nurture with priority. On top, you can get exposed to external investors and expand your investor reach. When ready, we will invite you to access and pitch to our investor database of investors using Pepicon to spot relevant deal flow to invest in.

Investor Engagement with News

Keep your shareholder and prospective investors updated, engaged, and excited at all times. The News area is the place for your latest updates which will automatically notify the investors you have invited, keeping all on the same page and up to date. Also, you can benefit from auto-displaying posts and news from your Facebook and Twitter feeds not needing any manual copy-pasting.

Benefits of Pepicon’s Investor Matching Platform


Invite and manage and get feedback from multiple potential investors at the same time


Expand your investor reach and contact list even in uncertain times

Identify top-priority investors to focus on via Pepicon’s online platform

Go from 0 to investable, in no time

With DealStation Membership you can unlock all you need to become investment ready.
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