The Perfect Investor Fundraising Pitch

Perfect your fundraising pitch to impress investors, making your investment proposal to stand out.
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Entrepreneurs and startups are guided on what is desired by investors for their investment proposal to be complete, presenting their business plan to realize an investment opportunity in a professional and interactive way.

Add your fundraising pitch deck into the investor highlights section alongside your team or product video and the latest financial report. Fill in your company overview for the key snapshot of your business as your industry, fundraising to date or current stage details. Complete all relevant sections of the built-in investment memorandum including your offering, business model or market size, and add any supporting documents into the FileVault.

By pitching via Pepicon you allow investors to navigate through the information of your proposal easily, fast track their due diligence process and facilitate faster investment decisions to be made.

If you are ready for your investment proposal to be professionally presented to potential investors including Angel investors or  venture capitalists alike, let Pepicon guide you within the platform.

The Fundraising pitch deck template & more tools that help you create the perfect investment proposal

Outrun competition for investor attention and create a professional pitch designed to make your idea win.

Complete Company Profile

Present your key company facts as your industry, stage you are at, or the funds raised to date to the investors in your snapshot overview, allowing potential investors to see if the opportunity is the right one for them. Share more about your company, your core team and your high-level investment proposal including all key contact details.

Funding Round Details

At the very top of your investor fundraising pitch you communicate all the details related to your fundraising campaign. Primarily, if you currently have a funding round coming up or open for investments. If you offer shares or convertibles. How much money are you raising. Or, for example, what is your pre-money valuation.

The Investor Highlights

In the investor highlights you can share up to five key elements about your company and your investment proposal that your investors should not miss. Here is where you highlight your pitch deck, present target market opportunity and revenue model, showcase your team or product in a video or add your latest blog article or financial report.

Private Equity Investment Memorandum

Provide private equity investors with a complete investment proposal by completing the built-in investment Memorandum. You decide which sections of your Memorandum you fill in first, inviting your team-mates to split the work. It’s up to you if you prefer to lock specific sections, making them confidential or require NDA signing mandatory to view such sections. Also, you decide which sections you exclude and complete later on. With Pepicon, you have all the flexibility, stay in control of who sees your information and easily adjust the access rights at any time.

Highly Secure Data Vault

Benefit from your own data vault to store and provide access to additional documentation relevant to your business and your funding strategy. Simply upload all supporting files as your financial forecasts and reports, marketing materials or legal documents to predefined categories and edit the access rights easily. Display key file(s) in your investor highlights and track the engagement with your documents regularly.

Why Pepicon’s Investor Fundraising pitch?


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