Digital Fundraising Campaign

Manage your funding round with our digital fundraising campaign tools allowing you to experience a hassle-free fundraising as you engage with potential investors.
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Our unique technology features combined with top-notch fundraising guidance can save entrepreneurs, startups and scaleups three to six months of time by digitizing the process of raising funds and managing business and investor relations. With Pepicon, you will be able to reduce the time and efforts of your core team and management dedicated to fundraising by 50%, gaining attention for your business operations back to perfect your business idea and pitch.

Lastly, you will be able to increase the odds of investment opportunities and getting funded by 80%, raising the growth capital needed with the right investors on your side.

Digital Fundraising Campaign Features

Explore a superior way to raise funds in a fraction of time and create greater shareholder value.

Digital Fundraising Campaign

Raise funds by launching a digital fundraising campaign with pre-defined or indicative terms. Our end-to-end fundraising tool means you manage all related to your funding round in one place. First probe investor interest, then open your round toyour closed investor community or invite other potential investors, proceeding to final allocation leveraging multiple digital tools.

Offer the right financial instrument

Offer your investors shares, convertibles or any custom financial instrument. Such custom instruments can be easily used when you are considering a trade sale to a strategic buy and a M&A deal. Be creative and include 21st century capital market instruments to attract investors and venture capitalists.

Probe investor interest

Probe investors’ interest easily by identifying your pre-money valuation (fix number or range) and invite a handful of potential investors “close” to you to share their feedback first before you set the final valuation amount and open your round for investments.

Multiple Digital Tools

Benefit from digital subscriptions and digital document signing, allowing your investors to subscribe to your e.g. shares directly through Pepicon and manage all legal document signing automatically as part of the process. Be innovative in the investors’ eyes using modern technology to pitch to them, standing out from the crowd.

Fundraising Progress Tracking

Under your Fundraising module, you can easily track and monitor the progress of your digital fundraising campaign. See how many investors subscribed, how much money is left to be raised and spot also investors who initiated but didn’t complete their digital subscription process. The tracking option heavily impacts the success of the fundraising campaign, allowing you to focus on investors who have shown interest in your project or who did not complete the subscription fully.

Why Pepicon’s Digital Fundraising?

By using Pepicon, you directly increase your valuation as you are always funding and exit ready. This means your e.g. shares are more liquid which equals value. Investor relations can be managed in an agile way, with minimal efforts, but by not cutting corners on the professional and structured way of investor relations management and staying true to your core business objectives. Unlock true rainmaking powers, remaining fundable and ready to execute on any transaction.

Our Digital Fundraising Software is for…

Our fundraising software solution is for companies looking to scale-up, fundraise, attract investors, trade sale, exit or progress towards an IPO. We support:

Early-stage start-ups

In need of presenting their company in a structured and appealing format, getting investors intrigued in their idea to validate potential and raise an initial round of funding.

Growth-oriented scale-ups

In need of raising significant funds to finance their growth and their product or geographic expansion.

Mature SME companies

In need of achieving a successful exit & looking for a way to better engage and manage their larger shareholder network and incentive scheme.

Access a fast-track to growth capital

Join our membership packed with advice, know-how, technology and fundraising ability.
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