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Spot winning investment opportunities with speed while building a strong and empowered portfolio.
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Investing is harder than necessary!

Shift away from the dealflow mess, tied hands and wasting time on manual tasks.

Investors can accelerate their deal flow screening and vetting while keeping their portfolio companies sharp and investable. By getting all deals in one professional and interactive format, investors get a more complete investment pitch. They can easily navigate the details of the investment opportunity, review the investor highlights and get the depth of information in the investment memorandum within the tool. The built-in matching functionality allows the investors to spot and focus on the most relevant deals, making smarter and faster investment decisions.

Moreover, Pepicon assists investors in keeping their portfolio companies transaction ready. Investors assure their portfolio companies have a well-established fundraising roadmap, being investor-ready when there is time for the next fundraising campaign. Such readiness increases the chances of their companies raising the growth capital needed in a fraction of time, attracting the right strategic investors. These are some of the core features of our deal flow management software.

What investor types our Deal Flow Management Software supports?

Individual Investors / Business Angels

Individual investors and business angels will make fully informed and smarter investment decisions, creating a diversified investment portfolio and keeping track of the progress of their investments – all in one place.

Investor (Angel) Groups

Investor and Angel Groups can easily streamline the currently inefficient and messy co-investment process. Easily review investment proposals individually or in a team, forming supportive relationships, share relevant deal flow with your fellow investors and cherry-pick companies to invest in solo, with a partner, or in a team.


Venture Funds (VCs)

VCs get the chance to process the large volume of investment pitches received annually much faster. In a fraction of time, they can shortlist the deals for final fund allocation. VCs’ team members can control the process and collaborate easily, jointly review company details and invite prospective investors and co-investors. 

Tools for easy deal flow and portfolio company management

Spot winning investment opportunities while keeping your companies investable and ready.

A Complete Investment Proposal

Receive a complete investment proposal in a professional and interactive format for faster deal flow screening and selection. Check the investor highlights to review the pitch deck, latest financial reports, or the team or product video. The overview section helps you to quickly identify if the deal is in or out of scope for you. And, if the company passes the initial quality screening, you can access the built-in investment memorandum easily navigating all key information related to the company’s new issue, the business, the financials, legal and IP matters, or its cap table and valuation.

Due Diligence Data Room

To dig even further, the FileVault is an easy-to-use data room service sufficient for most situations. Investors can browse through various fundraising, legal, marketing, or finance documents uploaded by the company to complete the 360-degree view, assess performance and provide the investors with additional complimentary documents. You can easily view and download any file to gather sufficient information to conclude your due diligence efforts.

Engage with your Deal Flow Pipeline

Before you cherry-pick the right deals to invest in, make sure to engage with the company. First, you can provide the firm or partner with your high-level feedback, if you are interested, maybe interested or not interested in the deal and why. Secondly, you can invite other investors to the investment opportunity easily, inviting fellow investors or even your legal experts to check out the investment details for further due diligence. In case of any further questions, you can always get in touch with the company with the built-in messaging system.

Matching to Spot Relevant Deal Flow

After filling in your Investor Profile including your investment preferences you will be able to see a matching score with every investment opportunity you are invited to. If you are also interested in spotting relevant external deal flow, you can make your Investor Bio visible to companies with upcoming and open funding rounds to pitch to you or request full access to deals matching your investment preferences that appear in your dashboard. Such matching enables you to focus on the right deals first, expanding your investment portfolio with well-suited investments.

Digital Investing & Co-investing

Once you are ready to invest and subscribe for shares or convertibles in a selected company, also this process is digital. You can create numerous investment teams and swiftly invite co-investors, private equity investors, M&A candidates or strategic buyers, selecting if you prefer to invest alone or as a team. Further, the whole investment process is supported with a range of tools for legal document e-signatures and digitized subscriptions.

Portfolio Company Tracking and Reporting

After the investment is made you no longer need to rely on updates and reports coming ad hoc by emails with our deal flow management software. The company can easily update their company information in Pepicon, communicating any new developments and progress made. They can add regular quarterly and annual reports directly into the FileVault. Moreover, they can keep all their shareholders up to date through the interactive News section making sure all important company updates reach all shareholders and prospective investors in time with the messaging features.

What challenges the software solves for investors?


Disparate and incomplete company pitches resulting in lengthy and inefficient screening, vetting and due diligence processes.


Portfolio companies are not investable & transaction ready resulting in missed investment and M&A opportunities


Insufficient updates and investment progress monitoring, being left in the dark, after investment made


Inefficient, manual and time-consuming process which drains your resources and overwhelms you with manual tasks

How does the deal flow management software help?

1. Deal Flow Efficiency

Receive and review your venture capital deal flow in one place, in a consistent, unified, and professional format, or spot external deal flow matching your investment preferences. Benefit from efficient deal screening and vetting, saving you time and nerves to invest your effort in different aspects of your business.

2. Due Diligence Partner

Conduct a thorough due diligence in just a fraction of time by receiving complete investment proposals. Get a full insight into each deal by a structured pitch, detailed memorandum, and a data vault with all relevant files.

3. Smart Investing & Decision Making

Spot and invest in relevant matching deal flow, allowing you to make faster and smarter investment decisions. Benefit from multiple digital tools to securely and efficiently handle your individual and team investments, e-signatures, subscriptions.


4. Investment Tracking

Access the latest news and reports, making sure you stay up to date at all times. Track deals and your investments regularly, getting auto-notifications about the progress made by companies you invested in.

5. Empowered Portfolio

Keep your portfolio companies funding and exit-ready 24/7 and create the ability to act on any transaction opportunity. Easily share your ideas, invite other investors or thought leader experts and unlock your potential to add value to the growth of your portfolio companies and their valuation.

What do investors say about our Deal Flow Management Software?

Read what other fellow investors say about using Pepicon.

Fundraising can be a tedious, opaque, and time-consuming activity. Pepicon helps to streamline and speed up the process while increasing transparency.

Hanna Raftell

CEO, Fimento

With Pepicon I receive all investment proposals in one unified format, allowing me to make quick decisions on which deals are worth my time and investment.

Andras Vajlok

Co-founder, Aldeon

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